Livid Skateboards are hand shaped and finished at a modest workshop in West Oz. The materials originate in Switzerland and the manufacturing process uses technology usually reserved for making snowboards. Instead of using traditional Canadian rock maple ply, the boards are produced from a combination of vertically laminated bamboo and quad-axial fibreglass. The finish not only looks great it also keeps water out, prolonging the life of the boards and preserving the 'pop'. The “workshop” process begins with ideas for shapes that are then designed and refined. The search for that curve in the tail or a tweak of the nose is endless. While the proportions of a skateboard create a range of challenges when replicating artwork and photos, working alongside such talented artists and photographers constantly inspires the journey. Decks that begin as an idea evolve as the original artworks and photos are transferred onto the fibreglass, to create unique one off boards.
Y O U R   B A G   I S   E M P T Y
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