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This particular day was sweltering hot. 45 degrees or something. I hadn’t seen Aarron in a few months as he’d just come back from his first stint in Melbourne. I think this might have even been the first photo we ever shot together. I rocked up to city’s and could see a really faint smog blowing over the ocean from the combination of a local bushfire and offshore winds and knew the sunset was going to be sick.
As usual I was running around like a headless chook trying to get my gear set up in time for the light to be right on point. Meanwhile, Aarron, Gabe Kovesi and Brendon Cross were all floating around the groin in there Jocks trying to cool off. I waved them in, Aarron slipped his shoes straight onto his sandy feet without socks and started popping ollie’s off the top of this bowl like roof, leaving me with one eye through the view finder, and the other eye peaking over the top of my camera.
This spot is gnarly, theres a good chance that if you fuck up a trick and lean to far forward, you’re taking a 10ft plunge straight for the cheese grater like bitumen below. After a few warm ups and losing his board a few times over the edge, Aarron walked away with this Frontside Kicky.
Aarron Winter - Frontside Kickflip.
City Beach, 2015.
Nikon D750
Nikkor 50mm 1.4 D
5 x Pocket wizard PlusII Tranceivers
2 x Nikon SB-25s Flashes
2 x Nikon sb700 Flashes
Photo - Jake Rotham

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