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he West Australian dhufish (Glaucosoma hebraicum) is a WA fishing icon. It grows to a great size, tastes superb and is targeted by both commercial and recreational fishers. This species belongs to the Glaucosomatidae family (the pearl perches). It’s endemic to Western Australia, which means it doesn’t occur anywhere else.
The dhufish is an inshore demersal fish, which means it lives close to shore and close to the seabed.
Dhufish is an indicator species for the inshore demersal ‘suite’ (group) of species in the West Coast Bioregion (from east of Augusta to north of Kalbarri). The stock status of dhufish is used to indicate the status of all inshore demersals in the region. As such, dhufish plays an important part in the sustainable management of our fisheries.

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