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This image represents a wide range of different factors all falling into place at exactly the right moment in time. This summer evening last year the swell was small & wind had been crisp offshore all day, this all contributed to the amazing water clarity that evening. I noticed the sky had a few wispy clouds so I packed up my gear & headed down to the beach. As soon as I arrived I realised it was going to be a special sunset so a checked the settings on my camera & hit the water. I soon realised there were a number of stingrays cruising around under the surface, just as the sky was lighting up pink. I was snapping away constantly trying to line one up with the Scarborough sky line. Finally i got an opportunity & all the factors lined up together, the stingray, clouds & skyline all aligned. Pretty stoked that I was there at the right place & right time.
Camera: Canon 5D mark iii
Lens: Canon 15mm fisheye
Aquatech water housing & flash housing
Photo - Dan DeGiosa

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