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I met this guy briefly at Cambridge camera markets & he was selling a really nice medium format kit at a very nice price. I grabbed his number & name with hopes of either buying it myself or helping him sell it to one of my friends in pursuit of medium format photography.
Around that period I was avidly going out on shooting explorations with one of my friends I made at work, as it turned out she strictly shot film as well. I was bringing my Pentax 6x7 out on photo missions which sparked her interest in medium format. I thought to myself, “I wonder if the dude from the camera market still has his camera for sale”? I immediately contacted him hoping it was still for sale, he replied “yes”. The next day Nadiia & I drove out to him to buy it. This being her first experience with a medium format camera you can imagine she was overly ecstatic. Our first stop was my house to grab my camera then off to Lake Monger for her first “test roll”. We got shooting together enjoying the beautiful day & one another’s company. This day brought me closer than ever to her just through the act of sharing a common interest which happens to be film photography. I chose this arrangement of photos from this particular day not just because of the general aesthetic of them but
because of the beautiful memory it holds in me. Not too long after this we
ended up dating & now currently live happily in Highgate together still going on regular photographic missions when ever we both have the time.
I guess it’s safe to say that film photography brought us together!
Barry Mansfield

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