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Alexander Miller
I wanted to exhibit a piece of work that reflected what Livid is about, something with a handmade finish. The image had to be a long and skinny shape to fit on a skateboard and on film that I’d developed and printed myself. I shot this on my Xpan, a special camera that instead of creating 35mm wide images, creates a 65mm wide panorama (still on usual 35mm film). Film is far more satisfying for me to shoot on because it forces me to switch off that machine gun mode a digital camera tends to puts me in, and study the light and my subject a lot closer and more carefully. It might not require sanders and all sorts of power tools like a skateboard does, but creating an image from start to finish with film is quite a process that you end up with something special (and physical!).
I shot this on DELTA 400 film, taken from a 100 foot long bulk roll of the stuff, a Hasselblad Xpan with a 45mm lens and developed it in my laundry with Ilford Photo chemistry.

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